Free images used in Site.pro templates

Builder Issues

All images used in templates are CC0 licensed. You can read more here

Move website/account to another server

Builder Issues

If you migrate one or more websites/accounts to another server then some changes might be needed in builder for a successful migration.
There can be some cases when actions might be required. Note. Use these recommendations only if domains of websites are not changed.

1. Website/account is moved from one server to another where both servers use the same builder brands. In this case no actions are required.

2. Website/account is moved from one server to another and servers use different builder brands. In this case action is required before website migration. Note that it does not depend on who belongs server where website is about to be migrated - whether it belongs to you or to another hosting company. You will need to migrate website from old builder (used on old server) to new builder (used on new server):
1) Open builder for migrating website on old Hosting Panel. Hover on Publish icon and press "Backup/Restore" item;
2) Download backup;
3) Migrate website/account;
3) Open builder for migrated website on new Hosting Panel. Select Backup/Restore, restore it;
4) Publish the website.
Note that server where website was migrated also must be licensed on Site.pro (must have license with new server IP).

Mass website/account migration
If you want to migrate many websites from one server to another at once and servers use different builder brands then please contact us in tickets and we will give you instructions.

Site.pro plugin installation guide

Builder Issues

Documentation page — https://site.pro/docs/plugins/

Site.pro builder installation guide (Enterprise)

Builder Issues

Documentation page — https://site.pro/docs/builder/

Website builder asks to choose new template instead of showing your client website

Builder Issues

1. Client accidentally pressed "Reset" or "Change template" button. Check if your client has manual or automatic (available for enterprise) backup enabled;
2. Client closed website builder without pressing "Save draft" after creating a website;

Website in builder looks different than website in a browser after publish

Builder Issues

1. Make sure you are viewing the same site version (Wide, Desktop, Tablet, Phone) both in builder and on published website;
2. Clear Internet browser cache.

Site builder can't be accessed via Builder's URL.

Builder Issues

The Site.pro website builder accessible only via your Hosting Panel or Site.pro account.

Blank page is opened instead of the builder

Builder Issues

The reason is that the user migrated to another account in hosting panel and the username was changed. The builder thinks it is a different user and doesn't open the builder. In this case inform us and we will update the user in our system.

Error creating directory

Builder Issues

1. Passive mode for FTP is not enabled on your server or too few passive FTP ports are opened. Please enable it and try again. Make sure that all used passive FTP ports are white listed in server firewall.
2. Make sure that there is enough simultaneous FTP connections from one IP allowed on server.

For Enterprise brand only:
3. To fix issue you can try to increase limit number of FTP connection retries in builder configuration:

  • open file "config.json" located in builder base folder
  • add parameter "ftpConnectionRetriesAllowed" (or edit if it already exists), e.g:
    "ftpConnectionRetriesAllowed": 20,
  • save "config.json" file

Open builder again and re-publish website to check if the error is gone.

Images are not uploaded in builder (shows error, gets stuck at 100%, etc.)

Builder Issues

Check values of PHP parameters "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize". Recommended values are 128M for both. If they are less, uploading images/files to builder may not work properly. Increase them (Apache server restart will be needed) and try to upload an image/file again.

FTP connection error

Builder Issues

The problem usually occurs due to firewall on your server which blocks connections from builder server on port 21.

For Premium license owners:
Allow connections from the following IPs on your server on ports 21, 80 and all ports which you have configured for passive FTP connections:
All these IPs can be used for builder opening.
To allow IPs in firewall please execute the following command:
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s,,,,, -j ACCEPT
Note: the command can vary depending on firewall service you use on your server.

Added DNS record of type CNAME but builder domain doesn't work

Builder Issues

Check if you added "dot" at the end of builder domain in DNS record (it has to be not "builder.domain.com" but "builder.domain.com."). If you added it correctly try to wait for some time for a domain to propagate over the internet, it may take several hours.

FTP login incorrect

Builder Issues

This may be caused by FTP server which accepts only SSL connections.
Only for Premium license:
We can add your IP address to the exception list so that FTPS publication is applied. If you agree, please, let us know by creating ticket. As a temporary solution you can disable forced SSL connections on your server.

Error uploading .png files

Builder Issues

Please try to enable PHP extension "exif" and try to upload .png image again.

Site.pro badge instead of your logo

Builder Issues

After license upgrade, Site.pro badge is still displayed on websites. Your logo is starting to be displayed only on newly created websites.

Choosing different server in your license

Builder Issues

Choose the old one first and write to support@site.pro or create a ticket to migrate your clients to a new server.

E-mail and MX records

Builder Issues

If you want to have website builder and mail server on the same domain, you need to add MX records to that domain (pointing to your mail server IP address).

Your own plugin creation

Builder Issues

To create your own plugin, please use this plugin creation guide.

Run builder under HTTPS protocol

Builder Issues

If you want to run builder domain under HTTPS protocol you need to do the following steps:

For Premium brand:
Create a ticket and inform us that you want to have builder domain running with https protocol. We connect Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates for Premium-brand owners. If you have your own certificate files then attach them to the ticket with a ZIP file.
Please note, that Free SSL can be enabled for customers who have Trusted Partner status.

For Enterprise brand:
1. Open your enterprise license and change builder domain by adding "https://" at the beginning of it (e.x. "builder.yourdomain.com" -> "https://builder.yourdomain.com")
2. Open file "config.json" in your builder web root directory and update parameter "siteProApiUrl" by changing "http://" part to "https://"
3. Go to Site.pro licenses page, open Enterprise brand and click "Apply" button.

Can I have multiple IPs on 1 server?

Builder Issues
Our pricing is based per server. But, we can not control that process, so we charge per IP.
We can make manual plans allowing you to provide a wide range of IPs for 1 server. It can be done for companies who have more than 5 servers.
You can buy Site.pro directly from Plesk Panel (if you use Plesk). Plesk licensing is related to a server. So you can have multiple IPs on 1 server.

Build a website using a subdomain

Builder Issues

Subdomain should be created in the hosting panel, then your clients will have access to the builder for a new subdomain via their hosting panel.

Builder logo is not shown

Builder Issues

Possibly the license synchronization with your builder fails when you click "Save" button in the license.
To fix this problem use these methods:
Method 1:
Check whether PHP parameter "allow_url_fopen" is ON in builder hosting PHP configuration.
1. Set this parameter to ON and restart server.
2. Save Enterprise license and check if builder logo appeared (we recommend to check logo in new builder session, for example in another browser).
Method 2:
Check if API username and password which you entered during builder installation are correct.
1. Open builder file "config.json" located in builder web root folder.
2. Locate parameters "apiUsername" and "apiPassword".
3. Make sure they are the same as specified in Enterprise license.
4. Fix them if needed (if password in the license contains symbols "/" please replace it with "\/" in "config.json" file) and save the file.
5. Save Enterprise license and check if builder logo appeared.
Method 3:
Check if firewall of your builder server does not block site.pro server.
We recommend to white-list site.pro IPs from which license synchronization can be made:
Method 4:
If method 1 and method 2 did not solve the problem:
1. Open file ".htaccess" located in builder web root folder.
2. Comment line below:
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php [L,QSA]
3. Uncomment line:
#RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=%{HTTP:Authorization} [L,QSA]
4. Save file.
5. Open file "config.json".
6. Add parameter "keepHtaccess": true somewhere in the middle and save the file.
7. Save Enterprise license and check if builder logo appeared.

FTP passive mode error

Builder Issues

Builder requires FTP passive mode enabled on your server to be able to publish websites.
If you server is behind NAT then make sure that FTP passive mode is properly configured:
use extra option "MasqueradeAddress" (for ProFTPD) or "ForcePassiveIP" (for Pure-ftpd) and specify your external IP address.

"Server error" during Save or Publish

Builder Issues

To solve this problem please take the following steps:
1. Open builder in Chrome or Firefox browser
2. Open developer tools in browser (key F12)
3. Switch to "Network" tab
4. Click on "Save" button in builder
5. Click on appeared request line (it should begin with "?sess=")
6. Switch to "Response" tab
7. Copy text you see in this tab
8. Create ticket on site.pro and tell us about "server error" and paste copied text. Our developers will fix this problem.
9. Thank you and excuse us for inconvenience.

Error loading page. Try again later.

Builder Issues

To solve this problem please take the following steps:
1. Open builder in Chrome or Firefox browser
2. Open developer tools in browser (key F12)
3. Switch to "Network" tab
4. Click on "Save" button in builder
5. Click on appeared request line (it should begin with "?sess=")
6. Switch to "Response" tab
7. Copy text you see in this tab
8. Create ticket on site.pro and tell us about "error loading page" and paste copied text. Our developers will fix this problem.
9. Thank you and excuse us for inconvenience.

"googleFontsApiKey is not set"

Builder Issues

In order to fix this problem just create API key from Google by going to this link https://developers.google.com/fonts/docs/developer_api and put key in file "config.json" located in builder web root folder - you need to set it to parameter "googleFontsApiKey".

Note. Most probably Google Maps widget also does not work in your builder. To make it working do the same as for Google Fonts but use this link for key creation https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key and parameter "googleMapsApiKey" in file "config.json".

I am not receiving mails from contact form

Builder Issues

The problem may occur when you are using field Form will be sent from this Email in form configuration in builder. For example you use address in this field example@mysite.com. Then mails may not be received on your email account due to the fact that domain mysite.com does not have DNS record of type SPF (for more details please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework). Due to this mails can be blocked by mail servers. If you are an owner of domain "mysite.com" you need to add SPF record in DNS configuration of your domain.

When you do not have field "Form will be sent from this Email" filled in then the address no-reply@mysite.com is used (where "mysite.com" is replaced with your website domain name). In this case the reason of not receiving mails is the same as described above.

Texts overlap each other on website

Builder Issues

The problem occurs due to the fact that different devices and different browsers can render text a little differently what can have impact on text height (and as a result - text overlapping each other). To fix this problem you can follow these recommendations:
1. Do not use 0 value for Line height option for fonts in Styles menu. Here "0" means "normal" and it can be interpreted differently on different devices and browsers. Set some value which would be similar as it was with "0" (e.g. if you use font size "16" then line height can be around "19-20" what would make text look more or less the same as with value "0").
2. Do not forget to set style to text in Text widget. Double-click to edit text, select some text and look at what is chosen at left dropdown of text editor. It there is "Style" - it means that no style is set for selected text. Due to this any font can be used on published website depending on device and browser.
3. Avoid creating very huge Text widgets (containing a lot of text). If you have one just try to separate it to multiple Text widgets. Despite the fact that you did recommendation (1) and (2) some devices and browsers can continue render text a little differently. Most probably you will not see any difference in small texts but when there are huge text blocks on site the problem can occur.
4. Use Google fonts which are supported on majority of devices. Some default fonts may not be supported on different devices. They automatically replace font with a different one when you view site (it can be very similar) which can also contain small difference.

Quantity of websites hosted on Free builder license

Builder Issues
You can host 1 website on 1 server with Free licence.

Official requests

Builder Issues
If you are a law enforcement authority and you want to get information of interest associated with the legal infringement ― you should submit a formal request by the email support@site.pro.

IP of my server changed

Builder Issues

If you migrate your clients to another server and IP of new server changes then you need to update IP in your license on Site.pro licenses page from old value to new value after migration. The plugin re-installation or other actions are not needed.

Note for Enterprise: The IP update on licenses page is needed only if you migrate hosting server with clients. In case if only builder server is moved then no actions are needed at all. There is no need in having IP for builder server on licenses page if that server is used only as builder and not as hosting server with clients.

Server error (403)

Builder Issues

If error "Server error (403)" is thrown during saving draft/publishing or other actions in builder then it can happen due to the following reasons:

1. Your builder session has expired. The session in builder should never expire when you edit website. However there are few cases when it can happen:

  • someone else opened builder with your website from your account of hosting control panel. This action leads to your session expiration and new session establishing for another person.
  • you opened builder one more time for the same website in another browser or in incognito window. This action leads to session expiration of first window and new session establishing for new window. To avoid this in the future we recommend you to have only one builder window opened at one time.
  • you left builder window opened for a long time and your computer went to sleep or darkened screen. This can lead to limited browser activity for opened windows and prevent builder from refreshing session.

Unfortunately if session expires it means that all your changes made after last draft saving in builder will be lost. To continue editing website in builder you need to open builder again from hosting control panel.

2. (Only for Enterprise brand) Builder is facing temporary server problems. During saving draft/publishing website a big set of data is sent to server. Sometimes servers can have some active POST filters which scans all data by some criteria(s) and can block request to server if needed.
To fix this issue contact your hosting provider (or site builder administrator) and tell about this problem.

"Server error (502)" or "Server error (504)" during publication

Builder Issues

These errors can be thrown during publication if nginx server is used for builder. Usually the reason of them is script timeout. Increase timeout for nginx script execution (parameter fastcgi_read_timeout), restart nginx server and check if error is gone.

If nginx server is used as proxy server for Apache then increasing these parameters in nginx configuration may help to solve the problem:
proxy_connect_timeout, proxy_send_timeout, proxy_read_timeout, send_timeout

Change builder limit of restorable backup files

Builder Issues

For Premium brand: Unfortunately the limit of restorable backup files cannot be changed if you use premium brand. For backup file restoration which exceeds builder limit please create ticket on tickets page and specify us website domain and external link to backup file which you want to restore. Our team will restore it and we will notify you.

For Enterprise brand: The builder limit parameter directly depends on PHP parameters post_max_size and upload_max_filesize on server where builder is installed. So the limit is a smaller value of these 2 parameters. Just update values of these parameters in PHP settings and the limit in builder will automatically change.

My plugin icon is not displayed in hosting panel

Builder Issues

Most probably you installed site builder plugin on your hosting panel before you set plugin icon and title in your brand on Site.pro licenses page. In order to update icon and title on your hosting panel just make plugin re-installation by instruction which you can find on this page.

"Form sending failed. (4): SMTP connect() failed"

Builder Issues

When you get this error when sending mail from your site then it usually means one of these:

  • SMTP data is incorrect (double-check username and password, make sure that you specified correct host and port).
  • Firewall on your hosting server blocks outgoing connections from specified SMTP host and/or port. Contact your hosting support and describe this problem to fix the issue.
  • Specified SMTP host (in case if it is a domain — not IP) is not resolved on your hosting server or resolved to a wrong IP address. Contact your hosting support and describe this problem to fix the issue.

For more details on this issue please refer this page.

Verification during publication takes much time

Builder Issues

The publication process consists of the following steps:

  1. Builder generates final site files and tries to publish only those which were modified after previous publication.
  2. After publication of changes builder tries to call script on published site and check in this way whether all required site files exist on the hosting.
  3. If (2) ends with "false" response (that is eventually not all files exist on hosting) then builder re-publishes all site files.

Sometimes builder stuck on step (2) (or takes much time — 1-2 minutes) since connection to the end site can be problematic. Sometimes firewall on hosting server blocks builder IP on port 80. Due to this connection hangs until timeout is reached and builder tries different IP to connect.
To avoid such problem make sure that builder IP is white listed on port 80 in hosting server firewall.

Website existence after cancelling license

Builder Issues
Websites are working only when the license is active.

Why the restriction exists:
1. Hosting companies are asking us to protect them from losing customers, as people can switch to a cheaper hosting provider after a website is created. But when websites stop working (on another provider) customer usually returns back to the old provider;
2. This model fits all servers network architectures;
3. There is no other way to control the number of websites as hosting providers constantly migrate among servers.

Website disappeared from builder after changing website domain

Builder Issues

When website domain is changed then it is no longer opened in site builder. Most probably you will see initial page offering you to choose template. This happens due to the fact that website identification is made by website domain. If it is changed then site builder sees that website as new and offers you to choose template.
To get back your website and make it working under a new domain please follow instruction below.

For Premium brand:
Contact us in support system by creating new ticket and provide us old and new domain names. Our team will update domain in site builder and the website will become editable again.

For Enterprise brand:
Use builder API to rename website in your site builder installation.