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Free Plan
Self Configuration. Launch in 15 min
Price ($/year) 60.000 562
White Label
100% in Hosting Datacenter Product and Websites 100% are Located in Your DataCenter
E-commerce Payment Gateways 1 25
No Database
Website Import
Responsive Website Builder
Responsive Design
Customize Builder
Languages 25 44
RTL Support
Custom templates
Website CM4all
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Information updated: 2017-06-12.

Mass import from CM4all to builder

  • 1.
    Choose brand in "My Licenses";
  • 2.
    Select "Mass Import" menu;
  • 3.
    Add a list of websites' domains created with CM4all;
  • 4.
    Wait (import all websites from CM4all to the builder);
  • 5.
    The end user clicks "Website Builder" button and finds their imported website from CM4all;
  • 6.
    The end user clicks "Publish" and gets imported from CM4all website live (on the server).