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Enable SSL certificate for my website

Website Issues

If you want to run your site under secure protocol "https://[your-site].com" then two steps are required:
1. open site builder and re-publish your site with option "Publish Site with forced HTTPS" enabled (you can find this option in site Settings dialog)
2. request SSL certificate by creating a new ticket and informing us about it.

Note that SSL certificate is available only in "Business" and "Design Studio" plans (you can find more information on prices page).

Website shows an error "Website is temporary unavailable"

Website Issues
When a website asks for a valid license from Site.pro or your Enterprise server, the licensing system uses requesting website's IP (reported by a website server). Some times it can be different from the IP assigned to that website by hosting panel.
Reasons for this can be different:
- Cloudflare;
- Proxy;
- Network interface configuration (server has multiple IPs);
- Your enterprise builder and website are on the same server and websites domain configured to be visible through its internal IP.

Possible solutions:
1) make changes in the server configuration;
2) request for a new plan with unlimited number of IPs and add all IPs to your license.