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Error communicating with DirectAdmin server - login failed


Method 1:
Login keys functionality is turned off in DirectAdmin. Make sure that it is enabled in the following files:
- /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf - login_keys=1
- /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/admin/user.conf - login_keys=ON
Update values if needed and try again.
If the problem persists after enabling login keys try to re-install the plugin following plugin installation guide.

Method 2:
Please try to create login key manually:
1. go to /CMD_LOGIN_KEYS in your panel (URL)
2. click on "Create new Login Key"
3. fill in key name: "siteprobuilder", key value: [think of some 16-char code], expires: never, uses: 0, clear key: checked, allow htm: checked, commands: CMD_LOGIN and CMD_PLUGINS.
4. enter password below and click "Create".
If this operation succeeds then create a new file if it doesn't exist already:
/usr/local/directadmin/plugins/siteprobuilder/include/login_key and put there a key value you used in login key creation. Save the file.
After that if everything is succeeded then publishing to this server should start working.

Method 3:
Make sure that IP of used builder server is not blacklisted in DirectAdmin. Make sure that IP is not listed in list of blocked IPs in file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_blacklist or /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/all_pre.sh (if exists).

DirectAdmin + SSL + PHP 5.6 = problems


PHP 5.6 or newer require a valid SSL certificate to connect. So the API call will fail if DA SSL cert is invalid. You can use PHP 5.5 to fix this problem.

Zip download error (code: 0)

The error appears during publication and means that your DirectAdmin server cannot resolve builder domain. To fix this problem just add builder domain to file "/etc/hosts" on DirectAdmin server (or make it resolvable in a different way).

Could not connect to Hosting API

Make sure that used builder server is not blocked by firewall on your server (it is recommended to whitelist all ports: 80 and 2222).

Builder not working on Evolution skin


Most often the problem is related to the fact that site builder which you use is running under HTTP protocol whereas DirectAdmin is running under HTTPS protocol. Since site builder in DirectAdmin Evolution skin is tried to be open in an iframe it is blocked due to browser security reasons and the progress is stuck on loading step.
To fix this issue you need to enable HTTPS protocol for site builder. Please see this page for more details on how to do this: https://site.pro/et/Veebimajutusteenuse-pakkujatele/KKK/#kb516.