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No FTP account found


1. Possibly you have a pretty old version of plugin installed on cPanel server. It does not include functionality of automatic adding FTP accounts if needed for publication. Re-install plugin following installation instruction in your license (you need to uninstall and install it again). This should fix the problem.

2. Problem occurs when site builder cannot create FTP account when opening builder from cPanel. To fix this problem you need to ensure that you have not exceeded limit of FTP accounts in your cPanel account. Delete unused FTP accounts. There may be old FTP accounts left which were created by builder and not used anymore (they are of type "a1b2c3d4@yoursite.com"). As soon as you have space for at least one FTP account the website publication should work.

3. Make sure that "FTP Manager" is enabled on WHM system for your customers. Without it publication may not always work.

When Site.pro builder plugin icon is not visible in cPanels "paper_lantern" theme (even after user set icon in his builder license and updated plugin)


cPanel installation uses custom style for "paper_lantern" theme (this can be verified by lookin to folder /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/ what will contain folders with style name). To solve this issue call this command: "/usr/local/cpanel/bin/sprite_generator --theme paper_lantern --style [style_name] --verbose" as root in server cPanel is installed ("[style_name]" in this command needs to be replaced with a name of a style folder you want to fix).

FTP passive mode error when using together with SSL


cPanel blocs connections coming from builder for incompatibility related issues. Try to enable "Broken Clients Compatibility" option in FTP configuration within WHM system. Please check if firewall doesn't block passive FTP ports when using together with SSL.

FTP login incorrect


Method 1 (if error appears when opening builder from WHMCS or WHM being logged in as admin):
Take the following steps to fix this problem:
1. Login to cPanel server per SSH;
2. Delete file /home/[user]/.spbldr_localStorage (this file is created by builder plugin);
Note: If you want to delete this file though cPanel file manager initially you may not see files starting with "." by default. To fix this click button "Settings" in top right corner of file manager page and check option "Show hidden files (dotfiles)".
3. Delete FTP accounts of type "a1b2c3d4@domain.com" (they were created by builder plugin);
4. Open builder from WHMCS (or WHM) again and publish website to check if this solved the problem.

Method 2 (if error appears when opening builder from customer cPanel account being logged in with customer's username and password):
1. Login to WHM;
2. Find customer with problem on "List accounts" page;
3. Change customer's password (you can set the same password as it was earlier);
4. Open builder from customer's cPanel account again and publish website to check if this solved the problem.

Error: Response Code (0)


The reason of this error is that your builder domain is not working. Once you configure DNS for builder domain and domain starts working this error should go away.

Even if DNS is already propagated and builder domain is working it may not be resolved on your cPanel server due to some reason (for example server has not gotten new DNS configuration yet).

FTP passive mode error


Builder requires FTP passive mode enabled on your server to be able to publish websites. Please refer this topic to enable FTP passive mode on cPanel:

Error: Response Code (404)


This error can occur due to one of the following reasons:
1. Apache "mod_rewrite" module is not ON. To fix this issue make sure that Apache module mod_rewrite is turned on in builder virtual host. If you use nginx server for builder then make sure that all required rewrite rules are set in nginx configuration for builder.
2. Wrong builder plugin is installed. If you have multiple Site.pro licenses using different builder domains then possibly you installed plugin from license where builder domain differs from the one which you installed builder plugin for. You need to re-install plugin on cPanel using plugin installation guide link from a correct license.
3. Builder domain has changed. If you changed builder domain when builder plugin was already installed on cPanel then this error can occur. Re-install builder plugin to fix this problem so that cPanel gets new builder domain from Site.pro license.
4. Builder domain is locally resolved to incorrect IP. Possibly you have custom record specified in file "/etc/hosts" which points builder domain to a different IP. As a result builder plugin API call fails. Make sure that builder domain on your cPanel server is resolved to a correct IP address.

Deprecated cPanel API 1 functions


If you get this notice from cPanel regarding file "index.live.php" of builder plugin then it means that you have outdated plugin currently installed which has version lesser than 3.0.25 (if you cannot see version number anywhere then it also means that the plugin is outdated and needs update).
To fix the problem just update the plugin by instruction which you can find in your brand.