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Website shows an error “Website is temporary unavailable”

Website Issues
When a website asks for a valid license from or your Enterprise server, the licensing system uses requesting website's IP (reported by a website server). Some times it can be different from the IP assigned to that website by hosting panel.
Reasons for this can be different:
- Cloudflare;
- Proxy;
- Network interface configuration (server has multiple IPs);
- Your enterprise builder and website are on the same server and websites domain configured to be visible through its internal IP.

Possible solutions:
1) make changes in the server configuration;
2) request for a new plan with unlimited number of IPs and add all IPs to your license.

Blocking websites (for Trusted partners only)

Website Issues
You can block any website on your account Statistics page by pressing Block (red button).
When you press block button – state of the action appears (one of the following):
1. "Block pending"– the system are already executing your request to block the site. It might take approximately 2 hours.
2. "Blocked" - checking is finished, action completed.
3. "Active" - if we recognize your website as created with builder and currently working online – status comes back to "Active" (blocking action will be reverted).

In some cases (with old websites) you might be not allowed to block the website, instead new email window opens up, where you should write us the details about this website you want to block. team will investigate this case and proceed this operation manually.