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Verify a domain with GSuite

Domains, mailboxes

To verify your domain with GSuite, please follow these steps:
1. Go to My Websites page;
2. Click "DNS ZONE" button opposite the domain you need to verify;
3. Click "Add field" and fill in "Host" field with "@", "Record Type" field with "TXT";
4. Paste the verification code provided by GSuite service in the "Record" field;
5. Save changes.

Purchasing the domain name

Domains, mailboxes

To buy a domain name for your website, just follow the link https://site.pro/Domains/ and start typing a keyword or phrase. Our system will automatically check the availability of popular domain zones, and offer you available ones. Click on the "Buy" button to put the domain to the shopping cart. Follow steps in the shopping cart to complete the domain purchase process.
If you are already our customer and have a test or existing website on Site.pro, you can purchase a domain on My Websites page by clicking the "+Add domain" button which is located under your websites' domain name.

Connect the domain name purchased from Site.pro to the website created with Site.pro builder

Domains, mailboxes

When buying a domain name on the Site.pro, the system will automatically create a Site.pro builders' plan for this domain for 7 days (for free). No additional actions are necessary here.
Besides, all following domains will fall into "Unlinked domains" category, and they can also be linked to the website you need on My Websites page.