Payment is pending

Payment Issues

It means that we have no answer from the payment system yet. There could be no funds on your PayPal/Card or payment system is temporary not working. When the billing system charges you successfully - license starts working automatically.

How to get the “Trusted Partner” status

Payment Issues

Some advanced brand features are available with Trusted Partner status only.
You have 2 options (select one of them) to unlock these features:
Option #1:
1. Upgrade to 1000 live websites package for 190€/month (or to bigger packages).
Option #2:
2.1 Pass the Trusted partner validation on your license page by filling in the form;
2.2. Make a payment for at least 300€ (or equivalent amount in your currency).

"Reference not found" error while paying via PayPal

Payment Issues
If you get "Reference not found" error while paying via PayPal, please disable all tracking protection extensions on your browser.

Your payments are not accepted

Payment Issues
In this case, you need to contact your bank about account your credit cards connected with. There might be some limitations from your bank in this case (e.g. limitations on account in case of open dispute, lack of funds on the account, restriction on internet payments for certain countries, etc.). Your bank should provide you all the details of why your transactions are not allowed.

Live website

Payment Issues
A live website is a website that was built using Site.pro builder, published and is currently online.
We check all websites periodically and change the status to 'live' or 'dead' depending on the website state.
Websites we do not consider as live:
  • Unpublished websites;
  • Offline websites (websites with fatal errors, without DNS records, etc.);
  • Websites which were replaced with another website (built using a different software).
Once the website that was offline for a while becomes live, it will be included into the total number of websites.

If the website is live and was moved to another Hosting provider, you should block such a website on your Statistics yourself, so it won't be included into the total number of websites we're counting.

Note: We are unable to calculate the precise number of live websites for some of our oldest clients due to the technical limitations imposed by the older product versions.

The minimal tier plans

Payment Issues
The minimal tier plans (under the 200 live websites) could be applied under specific conditions: only if your company is based and offers services in one of the countries that fall into the category of lower-tier countries. The minimal tier plans can be purchased for a minimum of 12 months.

Premium / Enterprise no longer exists?

Payment Issues
Premium and Enterprise plans have been combined and renamed into one plan and priced accordingly.
With the new plans we started counting only live websites and took away any limitations for servers/IPs.
Now you can install the builder on all your servers and VPSs.

This new fair pricing:
  • fits all Hosting provider server architectures and allows you install the product everywhere;
  • makes reselling easier and more profitable;
  • makes calculation clearer in terms of real profit.