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Plugin throws error in ISPmanager 5


Make sure that PHP extension "curl" is turned on. Also make sure that PHP parameter "disable_functions" doesn't include function "shell_exec". If it is included then delete it from there and restart server.

Site.pro plugin for ISPmanager 5


Site.pro provides plugin for ISPmanager 5. Site.pro does not provide/support plugin for ISPmanager4.

FTP login incorrect


Try to delete FTP account(s) with username of format "s12abc34" on your ISPmanager account. After that open builder from ISPmanager again and try to publish website.

Logo of the website builder does not appear in the ISPmanager panel


In case if ISPmanager is running under a different port than default 1500 - please, check if the proxy is switched on for images. Apparently, the address of the builder icon is without port 1500, so the image cannot be found. If the logo of the website builder does not appear, it is necessary to check its source in the developer tools (URL). If it is without any port, try to add port to the URL (for example: "https://domain.com/logo.png the" -> "https://domain.com:1500/logo.png"). If the picture opens, in this case the problem is as described above.