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Website preview shows 404 Not Found or loads different page rather than homepage

Builder Issues

You need to check if all user-friendly URLs are unique for all pages.

Publish works properly, but mydomain.com does not show my website

Builder Issues

Please check - have you changed DNS (CNAME) records for your domain to
mydomain.com. CNAME eu.site.pro.

Google map error

Builder Issues

Please check - have you inserted Google.com Maps API key to map's properties (right click on map in site builder). If you have more than one map on your page, you need to insert API key in all maps.
Create your API key здесь.

Made changes to Wide/Tablet/Mobile versions, but can‘t see any changes on preview

Builder Issues

Please check if you turned Wide/Tablet/Mobile versions. If it‘s turned on and you still can‘t see any changes, be sure that you‘re checking the same version in site builder and browser. For example, if you‘re checking Mobile version, both site builder and browser should have Mobile menu button.

Website looks different in site builder and in browser

Builder Issues

1. If you have some custom files except files which are published from builder in your hosting web root folder then make sure that your files do not intersect with generated files. The intersection can be caused by equal file names in web root folder and "sitepro" folder. For example the website may not work properly if both files exist: [web-root]/js/main.js and [web-root]/sitepro/js/main.js. In this case you need to rename or move to another folder all equal files like [web-root]/js/main.js.
The same issue can appear with folders. For example if you have a page on website with URL "Contacts" (http://mywebsite.com/Contacts/) then the page will not work if you also have folder "Contacts" in website root folder.

2. If website is running on Apache server then make sure that Apache module "mod_rewrite" is enabled for website host. Without this module website may look completely messed up — with no images and styles loaded.

3. Please open file ".htaccess" located in web root folder of your website. Delete (or comment) all the content (if there is one) between lines "#### PERSISTENT CONTENT ####" and "#### PERSISTENT CONTENT END ####". After that reload website in browser and check whether the problem has gone.

4. Make sure that you are looking at the same version in site builder website and published website — that is maybe you see "Desktop" version in builder and "Wide" version in published website. Try resizing browser window with published website to see how it is changed (if other modes are enabled in builder).

Can't change container width

Builder Issues

Container width changes automatically for each Wide/Tablet/Mobile website versions.

Landing page layout

Builder Issues

To change your website layout into Landing, click on Settings icon in website builder and mark Landing.

All my components (text, photos, buttons, etc.) disappeared when I changed the template

Builder Issues

Each template has its own default elements and each element is placed differently per template. So, after changing template, your created website will be lost.

New template is shown or website builder asks to choose a template instead of showing my website

Builder Issues

1. You accidentally pressed "Reset" or "Change template" button. Check if you have manual or automatic backup enabled. Hover on Publish icon and you will see "Backup/Restore" item;
2. You closed the website builder without pressing "Save draft" after creating a website.
Always make sure you saved your website before closing the browser tab. Also we advise to make website backups regularly.

Can't add a new items in Wide/Tablet/Mobile website versions

Builder Issues

Add or change elements you can in Desktop version only. Everything you add in Desktop, will appear in Wide/Tablet/Mobile versions. In the mobile version you can do these actions:
1. Move the selected elements by using a mouse or a keyboard;
2. Change element size by stretching edges;
3. Change font size. Font size can be changed by pressing on Settings icon-->Styles-->Advanced.

Add files (ex.: .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .mp3, .gif, etc.) to your website:

Builder Issues

1. Mark text which you make as .pdf link
2. Press the Link icon
3. Choose .pdf file from your Computer and upload it
4. Tick „Open in New Window“ if necessary.
In Styles-->Links - you can select the color of Link text and hover.

Types of files that can be added to your website: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .svg, .ico, .psd, .swf, .aac, .wav, .ra, .midi, .ram, .wma, .ogg, .ape, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, .flv, .mkv, .mov, .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .txt, .csv, .html, .xml, .yml, .rar, .zip.

Free images used in Site.pro templates

Builder Issues

All images used in templates are CC0 licensed. You can read more здесь

Move website/account to another server

Builder Issues

If you migrate one or more websites/accounts to another server then some changes might be needed in builder for a successful migration.
There can be some cases when actions might be required. Note. Use these recommendations only if domains of websites are not changed.

1. Website/account is moved from one server to another where both servers use the same builder brands. In this case no actions are required.

2. Website/account is moved from one server to another and servers use different builder brands. In this case action is required before website migration. Note that it does not depend on who belongs server where website is about to be migrated - whether it belongs to you or to another hosting company. You will need to migrate website from old builder (used on old server) to new builder (used on new server):
1) Open builder for migrating website on old Hosting Panel. Hover on Publish icon and press "Backup/Restore" item;
2) Download backup;
3) Migrate website/account;
3) Open builder for migrated website on new Hosting Panel. Select Backup/Restore, restore it;
4) Publish the website.
Note that server where website was migrated also must be licensed on Site.pro (must have license with new server IP).

Mass website/account migration
If you want to migrate many websites from one server to another at once and servers use different builder brands then please contact us in tickets and we will give you instructions.

Bing map error

Builder Issues

Please check - have you inserted Bing Maps API key to map's properties (right click on map in site builder). If you have more than one map on your page, you need to insert API key in all maps.
Create your API key здесь.

Site.pro support team provides 1st level support

Builder Issues
If you are a client of your Hosting Provider and have an issue with Site.pro site builder, please, inform your Hosting Provider about it. According to Site.pro Term of Services our team does not provide 2nd level support. Your Hosting Provider will help you with site builder issues.

Can't find destination folder

Builder Issues

If this error is thrown during publication then it means that builder cannot open folder where the website is meant to be published (usually the folder is "public_html" but it can differ depending on hosting control panel).
To fix this error just make sure that you have web root folder in your home directory in file manager. If you are not sure what folder exactly you need to create (or check existence) then contact your hosting provider and provide this FAQ message.

Custom HTML widget does not work

Builder Issues

The problem may appear due to improper HTML code used in the widget. One of the common reasons is that non-HTML5 tags are used (like <gcse:search></gcse:search>). They should be replaced with valid HTML5 tags (like <div class="gcse-search"></div>).

"Server error" during Save or Publish

Builder Issues

To solve this problem please take the following steps:
1. Open builder in Chrome or Firefox browser
2. Open developer tools in browser (key F12)
3. Switch to "Network" tab
4. Click on "Save" button in builder
5. Click on appeared request line (it should begin with "?sess=")
6. Switch to "Response" tab
7. Copy text you see in this tab
8. Create ticket on site.pro and tell us about "server error" and paste copied text. Our developers will fix this problem.
9. Thank you and excuse us for inconvenience.

Error loading page. Try again later.

Builder Issues

To solve this problem please take the following steps:
1. Open builder in Chrome or Firefox browser
2. Open developer tools in browser (key F12)
3. Switch to "Network" tab
4. Click on "Save" button in builder
5. Click on appeared request line (it should begin with "?sess=")
6. Switch to "Response" tab
7. Copy text you see in this tab
8. Create ticket on site.pro and tell us about "error loading page" and paste copied text. Our developers will fix this problem.
9. Thank you and excuse us for inconvenience.

I am not receiving mails from contact form

Builder Issues

The problem may occur when you are using field Form will be sent from this Email in form configuration in builder. For example you use address in this field example@mysite.com. Then mails may not be received on your email account due to the fact that domain mysite.com does not have DNS record of type SPF (for more details please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework). Due to this mails can be blocked by mail servers. If you are an owner of domain "mysite.com" you need to add SPF record in DNS configuration of your domain.

When you do not have field "Form will be sent from this Email" filled in then the address no-reply@mysite.com is used (where "mysite.com" is replaced with your website domain name). In this case the reason of not receiving mails is the same as described above.

Texts overlap each other on website

Builder Issues

The problem occurs due to the fact that different devices and different browsers can render text a little differently what can have impact on text height (and as a result - text overlapping each other). To fix this problem you can follow these recommendations:
1. Do not use 0 value for Line height option for fonts in Styles menu. Here "0" means "normal" and it can be interpreted differently on different devices and browsers. Set some value which would be similar as it was with "0" (e.g. if you use font size "16" then line height can be around "19-20" what would make text look more or less the same as with value "0").
2. Do not forget to set style to text in Text widget. Double-click to edit text, select some text and look at what is chosen at left dropdown of text editor. It there is "Style" - it means that no style is set for selected text. Due to this any font can be used on published website depending on device and browser.
3. Avoid creating very huge Text widgets (containing a lot of text). If you have one just try to separate it to multiple Text widgets. Despite the fact that you did recommendation (1) and (2) some devices and browsers can continue render text a little differently. Most probably you will not see any difference in small texts but when there are huge text blocks on site the problem can occur.
4. Use Google fonts which are supported on majority of devices. Some default fonts may not be supported on different devices. They automatically replace font with a different one when you view site (it can be very similar) which can also contain small difference.

Official requests

Builder Issues
If you are a law enforcement authority and you want to get information of interest associated with the legal infringement ― you should submit a formal request by the email support@site.pro.

Server error (403)

Builder Issues

If error "Server error (403)" is thrown during saving draft/publishing or other actions in builder then it can happen due to the following reasons:

1. Your builder session has expired. The session in builder should never expire when you edit website. However there are few cases when it can happen:

  • someone else opened builder with your website from your account of hosting control panel. This action leads to your session expiration and new session establishing for another person.
  • you opened builder one more time for the same website in another browser or in incognito window. This action leads to session expiration of first window and new session establishing for new window. To avoid this in the future we recommend you to have only one builder window opened at one time.
  • you left builder window opened for a long time and your computer went to sleep or darkened screen. This can lead to limited browser activity for opened windows and prevent builder from refreshing session.

Unfortunately if session expires it means that all your changes made after last draft saving in builder will be lost. To continue editing website in builder you need to open builder again from hosting control panel.

2. (Only for Enterprise brand) Builder is facing temporary server problems. During saving draft/publishing website a big set of data is sent to server. Sometimes servers can have some active POST filters which scans all data by some criteria(s) and can block request to server if needed.
To fix this issue contact your hosting provider (or site builder administrator) and tell about this problem.

Horizontal scrollbar on site

Builder Issues

If you see horizontal scrollbar on your site then it most probably caused by some elements on site which are placed too far to the right from site content. You can easily check this. Enter site builder and check all pages if they also have horizontal scrollbar in the editor. If it does then scroll right to the end and you will most probably find an element there (note that it can be absolutely white - for example small white Shape - so that it can sometimes be hard to detect it). Position the element properly inside content bounds or delete it if is not needed. If this element is needed only in one version (Wide, Desktop, Tablet, Phone) then you can right-click it and choose to hide it in context menu.
If no such elements left on page in the editor the horizontal scrollbar must disappear. After that publish your site.

"Form sending failed. (4): SMTP connect() failed"

Builder Issues

When you get this error when sending mail from your site then it usually means one of these:

  • SMTP data is incorrect (double-check username and password, make sure that you specified correct host and port).
  • Firewall on your hosting server blocks outgoing connections from specified SMTP host and/or port. Contact your hosting support and describe this problem to fix the issue.
  • Specified SMTP host (in case if it is a domain — not IP) is not resolved on your hosting server or resolved to a wrong IP address. Contact your hosting support and describe this problem to fix the issue.

For more details on this issue please refer this page.

Facebook Pixel

Builder Issues
Facebook pixel can be added to your website by pasting Facebook pixel code in a Custom HTML widget which can be found in the "Advanced" category. If you want the script to appear on all website pages at once your should paste Facebook pixel code into website Settings -> Scripts -> "Before ".

Making your website reponsive

Builder Issues

Making your website responsive consists of the following steps:

  1. Turn on the "Phone" mode;
  2. Move each element considering borders on the mobile version;
  3. Check this mobile version on Preview and enable it;
  4. Do the same with other website versions: Tablet, Desktop, Wide;
  5. Use Auto Layout mode which makes your website responsive automatically (you need to create 1 version only).

I cannot remove Languages from website

Builder Issues

Multiple languages are created on website by drag&dropping Languages plugin and selecting 2 or more languages in plugin properties dialog.
Note that the site can remain multilingual even if you delete all Languages plugins from website. In this case the problem can occur that you do not have flags but website is still multilingual. To fix this and to completely delete all languages from website take the following steps:

  • add Languages plugin back on website to any place;
  • right-click Languages plugin with mouse and select RemoveFrom all languages (and → From all page if option is presented);
  • the dialog will appear with 2 options available — click the 2nd option "Delete all languages and all language items";

After that all languages will be deleted from website and only one language will remain — the one that was marked as Default (star symbol).

Payment is pending

Payment Issues

It means that we have no answer from the payment system yet. There could be no funds on your PayPal/Card or payment system is temporary not working. When the billing system charges you successfully - license starts working automatically.

"Reference not found" error while paying via PayPal

Payment Issues
If you get "Reference not found" error while paying via PayPal, please disable all tracking protection extensions on your browser.

Your payments are not accepted

Payment Issues
In this case, you need to contact your bank about account your credit cards connected with. There might be some limitations from your bank in this case (e.g. limitations on account in case of open dispute, lack of funds on the account, restriction on internet payments for certain countries, etc.). Your bank should provide you all the details of why your transactions are not allowed.

Verify a domain with GSuite

Domains, mailboxes

To verify your domain with GSuite, please follow these steps:
1. Go to My Websites page;
2. Click "DNS ZONE" button opposite the domain you need to verify;
3. Click "Add field" and fill in "Host" field with "@", "Record Type" field with "TXT";
4. Paste the verification code provided by GSuite service in the "Record" field;
5. Save changes.

Purchasing the domain name

Domains, mailboxes

To buy a domain name for your website, just follow the link https://site.pro/Domains/ and start typing a keyword or phrase. Our system will automatically check the availability of popular domain zones, and offer you available ones. Click on the "Buy" button to put the domain to the shopping cart. Follow steps in the shopping cart to complete the domain purchase process.
If you are already our customer and have a test or existing website on Site.pro, you can purchase a domain on My Websites page by clicking the "+Add domain" button which is located under your websites' domain name.

Connect the domain name purchased from Site.pro to the website created with Site.pro builder

Domains, mailboxes

When buying a domain name on the Site.pro, the system will automatically create a Site.pro builders' plan for this domain for 7 days (for free). No additional actions are necessary here.
Besides, all following domains will fall into "Unlinked domains" category, and they can also be linked to the website you need on My Websites page.

Domains price

Domains, mailboxes
You can check domains' price and availability here: https://site.pro/Domains/ Some exclusive offers for specific nTLDs: .shop domain's price $0.01 for the first year if upgrading your plan to "Business" .xyz domain's price $0.01 for the first year if upgrading your plan to "Starter"

Park your domain name

Domains, mailboxes
In order to park your domain name purchased from another registrar to your website created with Site.pro, you should to login to your user account and click the "+Add domain" button below the name of your website name then choose "Connect your domain". Specify your domain name in the opened box then press "Add".
You will see 2 possible options to park your domain with your website:
1) Park your domain by adding CNAME record in your domain's DNS zone management panel:
yourdomain.com CNAME eu.site.pro.
- or -
2) You can delegate your domain by changing you domain's Nameservers (NS record) to:

Refer to your domain name registrar documentation where you can apply these changes.

What is DNS?

Domains, mailboxes
The Domain Name Server/System (DNS) is the system for obtaining information about domain zones and IP addresses on which websites are located.
Simply put, to indicate to your domain name on which server your website is located and where it needs to go in order to open this exact website on the Internet, DNS records must be specified.
e.g. To redirect any domain of yours to your website created on Site.pro builder, it is enough to specify the following DNS in the domain:

Changing DNS records for your domain

Domains, mailboxes
In order to change DNS records of a domain purchased on Site.pro system, you should first click on it on "My websites" page. Then press on the grey NAMESERVERS button if you want to specify NS records or DNS ZONE button to specify any other records (like CNAME, A, etc.). In the fields that appears, specify the necessary DNS records and save the changes.

Setting up email on my domain

Domains, mailboxes
In order to redirect the domain name to the mail service you need, you need to go to My Websites page of your account and click on the domain for which you wish to create the mail service. Then press on the grey MAIL SERVERS button. In the window that opens, specify the mail service you're using. Our system will automatically make the necessary settings in the domain name. After that, you can go to your mail service and create mailboxes.

Enable SSL certificate for my website

Website Issues

If you want to run your site under secure protocol "https://[your-site].com" then two steps are required:
1. open site builder and re-publish your site with option "Publish Site with forced HTTPS" enabled (you can find this option in site Settings dialog)
2. request SSL certificate by creating a new ticket and informing us about it.

Note that SSL certificate is available only in "Business" and "Design Studio" plans (you can find more information on prices page).

Website shows an error “Website is temporary unavailable”

Website Issues
When a website asks for a valid license from Site.pro or your Enterprise server, the licensing system uses requesting website's IP (reported by a website server). Some times it can be different from the IP assigned to that website by hosting panel.
Reasons for this can be different:
- Cloudflare;
- Proxy;
- Network interface configuration (server has multiple IPs);
- Your enterprise builder and website are on the same server and websites domain configured to be visible through its internal IP.

Possible solutions:
1) make changes in the server configuration;
2) request for a new plan with unlimited number of IPs and add all IPs to your license.