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Constructor ideal para tus ISPmanager

Etiqueta Blanca

We integrated ISPmanager, our website and server management panel, with three years ago. And I'm delighted to see that within all this time has been working on making their site-builder better. With hundreds of modern and beautiful templates, simple UI, and affordable price it is simply one of the best options to create website, truly owned by you and only you. I would recommend to everybody who needs a modern-looking and fully-owned website builder.

Pavel Guralnik, CEO of ISPsystem

Official partner

Product Features

Plugin for ISPmanager. Guía de Instalación.

Pocos minutos y el plugin aparece en ISPmanager para tus clientes

Installation / Update

  1. Un-install default Site Builder module on "Integration""Modules" page.
    Note: If you had not have default Site Builder module installed earlier then skip this step.
  2. Open ISPmanager server console and login as root.
  3. Execute installation command:
    [code will appear after you or sign up]


  1. Open ISPmanager server console and login as root.
  2. Execute uninstallation command:
    [code will appear after you or sign up]

Acerca de ISPmanager

ISPmanager es un poderoso panel de control de hosting web. Con características tales como administración centralizada de clusters de servidores UNIX, personalización flexible, distribución de carga y copias de respaldo, tus clientes podrán administrar sus propios servidores independientemente, dentro de los parámetros que coloques.