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Constructor ideal para tus Plesk

Etiqueta Blanca is a great website builder product with rich feature set for an affordable price. The extension within Plesk works great and provides a lot of value to our end customers. The extension also provides functionalities specifically for all size hosting companies around the world.

Thomas Loew, Director Alliances, Plesk International GmbH

Official partner

Product Features

Plugin for Plesk. Guía de Instalación.

Pocos minutos y el plugin aparece en Plesk para tus clientes


You can install plugin via server console (terminal) with a root user by executing the following command:
plesk bin extension --install-url [code will appear after you or sign up]

or via Plesk interface:

  1. Download: [link will appear after you or sign up]
  2. Log in to Plesk Panel as admin.
  3. Go to "Server Management" -> "Extensions".
  4. Click "Add Extension", choose (the file you just downloaded) file and click "OK".
The option to upload Plesk extension was removed in Plesk Onyx 17.8. Please visit this documentation page to see how to enable this option again (scroll to section "Downloadable File"):
  • The plugin works only for customers but not for users of customers. The user will get error "Permission denied".
  • Make sure that passive mode in FTP server is enabled. Usually it is disabled by default.
  • When updating "Limited plans" field in the license the plugin needs to be re-installed.
  • If plugin throws "Access denied" or "Permission denied" error then check what mode your panel is on. Go to "Tools & Settings" -> "Interface management". If your panel is on "Power user view" mode then switch it to "Service provider view". After that the plugin will work however only for newly created customers. So you will need to remove all users created in Power user view mode and create them anew as Customers in Service provider view.

Acerca de Plesk / Plesk Onyx

Panel de control profesional que provee a diseñadores web, webmasters y dueños de sitios las herramientas para administrar sus servidores, sitios y aplicaciones. Parallels / Odin es un líder global en servicios de hosting y en la nube entregando soluciones multi plataforma. El software del Panel de Parallels Plesk / Odin es un programa comercial de automatización de hosting web.