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Website preview shows 404 Not Found or loads different page rather than homepage
You need to check if all user-friendly URLs are unique for all pages.

Publish works properly, but mydomain.com does not show my website
Please check - have you changed DNS (CNAME) records for your domain to
mydomain.com. CNAME eu.site.pro.

Google map error
Please check - have you inserted Google.com Maps API key to map's properties (right click on map in site builder). If you have more than one map on your page, you need to insert API key in all maps.
Create your API key here.

Form sending failed. (+ SMTP Enable)
In most cases this error appears due to the fact that the server cannot connect to SMTP server. Please refer this topic for more details.
Also you need to ensure that you specified correct SMTP data.

Made changes to Wide/Tablet/Mobile versions, but can‘t see any changes on preview
Please check if you turned Wide/Tablet/Mobile versions. If it‘s turned on and you still can‘t see any changes, please see following question below Website looks different in site builder and in browser. If problem still persists, submit a ticket.

Website looks different in site builder and in browser
Please be sure that you‘re checking the same version in site builder and browser. For example, if you‘re checking Mobile version, both site builder and browser should have Mobile menu button.

Can't change container width
Container width changes automatically for each Wide/Tablet/Mobile website versions.

Landing page layout
To change your website layout into Landing, click on Settings icon in website builder and mark Landing.

All my components (text, photos, buttons, etc.) disappeared when I changed the template
Each template has its own default elements and each element is placed differently per template. So, after changing template, your created website will be lost.

New template is shown or website builder asks to choose a template instead of showing my website
1. You accidentally pressed "Reset" or "Change template" button. Check if you have manual or automatic backup enabled. Hover on Publish icon and you will see "Backup/Restore" item;
2. You closed the website builder without pressing "Save draft" after creating a website.
Always make sure you saved your website before closing the browser tab. Also we advise to make website backups regularly.

Can't add a new items in Wide/Tablet/Mobile website versions
Add or change elements you can in Desktop version only. Everything you add in Desktop, will appear in Wide/Tablet/Mobile versions. In the mobile version you can do these actions:
1. Move the selected elements by using a mouse or a keyboard;
2. Change element size by stretching edges;
3. Change font size. Font size can be changed by pressing on Settings icon-->Styles-->Advanced.

Add files (ex.: .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .mp3, .gif, etc.) to your website:
1. Mark text which you make as .pdf link
2. Press the Link icon
3. Choose .pdf file from your Computer and upload it
4. Tick „Open in New Window“ if necessary.
In Styles-->Links - you can select the color of Link text and hover.

Free images used in Site.pro templates
All images used in templates are CC0 licensed. You can read more here

Move website to another hosting provider
1. Open builder via old Hosting Panel. Hover on Publish icon and press "Backup/Restore" item;
2. Download backup;
3. Open builder via new Hosting Panel. Select Backup/Restore, restore it;
4. Publish the website.