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Free Websites with every Hosting Package

These websites are not counted in package limits

What is the difference?

Website miễn phíPremium Websites
Builder White Label++
Thương mại điện tử+
Không quảng cáo+
Builder Plugins780+
Kích thước website tối đa, MB10Không giới hạn
Số lượng Menu tối đa3Không giới hạn

Why should I offer Free Websites on all Hosting Plans?

  • 1.
    Provide better service for your customers
  • 2.
    Generate more website builder sales
  • 3.
    Sell more regular hosting plans
  • 4.
    Relate hosting customers to your service
  • 5.
    Better domain renewal forever
  • 6.
    Get more resellers


How to activate free websites for your hosting plans
Configure premium builder as add-on for WHMCS