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Verify a domain with GSuite

Domains, mailboxes

To verify your domain with GSuite, please follow these steps:
1. Go to My Websites page;
2. Click "DNS ZONE" button next to the domain you need to verify;
3. Click "Add field" and fill in "Host" field with "@", "Record Type" field with "TXT";
4. Paste the verification code provided by GSuite service in the "Record" field;
5. Save the changes.

Purchasing the domain name

Domains, mailboxes

To buy a domain name for your website, just follow the link and start typing a keyword or a phrase. Our system will automatically check the availability of popular domain zones, and offer you the available ones. Click on the "Buy" button to place the domain into the shopping cart. Follow the steps in the shopping cart to complete the domain purchase.
If you are already our customer and have an existing website or if you are on a trial period at, you can purchase a domain on My Websites page by clicking the "+Add domain" button, which is located under your website's domain name.

Connect the domain name purchased from to your website

Domains, mailboxes

When buying a domain name on, the system will automatically create a trial period of builder plan for 7 days (for free). No additional actions are necessary here.
Besides, all following domains will fall into "Unlinked domains" category, and they can also be linked to the website you need on My Websites page.

Domains price

Domains, mailboxes
You can always check domains' price and availability here.
Some exclusive offers for specific nTLDs:
.shop domain price is $0.01 for the first year if you upgrade your plan to "Business";
.xyz domain price is $0.01 for the first year if you upgrade your plan to "Starter".

Park your domain name

Domains, mailboxes
In order to park your domain name purchased from another registrar to your website created with you should log in to your user account. Then, click the "+Add domain" button below the name of your website, choose "Connect your domain", specify the domain name in the opened box and press "Add".
You will see 2 options to park your domain with your website:
1) Park your domain by adding CNAME record in your domain's DNS zone management panel: CNAME
- or -
2) Delegate your domain by changing you domain's Nameservers (NS record) to:

Refer to your domain name registrar documentation to understand where you can apply these changes.

DNS or Domain Name Server

Domains, mailboxes
The Domain Name Server/System (DNS) is a system for obtaining information about domain zones and IP addresses on which websites are hosted. Simply put, for your domain name to be able to indicate on which server your website is hosted and where it needs to go in order to open this exact website on the Internet, DNS records must be specified.
For example, to redirect any domain of yours to your website created on builder, it is enough to specify the following DNS for the domain in your domain's DNS zone management panel:

Changing DNS records for your domain

Domains, mailboxes
In order to change DNS records of a domain purchased on system, you should first click on the domain name on My Websites page. Then, press on the grey NAMESERVERS button if you want to specify NS records or DNS ZONE button to specify any other records (like CNAME, A, etc.). In the fields that appear, specify the necessary DNS records and save the changes.

Setting up email on my domain

Domains, mailboxes
In order to redirect the domain name to the mail service you need, you should go to My Websites page on your account and click on the domain for which you wish to create the mail service. Then press on the grey MAIL SERVERS button. In the window that appears, specify the mail service you're using. Our system will automatically make the necessary changes in the domain name. After that, you can go to your mail service and create mailboxes.

Hide owner's information of the domain name

Domains, mailboxes
According to GDPR policy, information about domain name owners is hidden by default for both individuals and companies. Exceptions may be national domain zones of specific countries. To clarify the possibility of hiding information about the domain owner for these specific zones, please contact us on the Ticket system.

Changing the contact information of the domain owner

Domains, mailboxes
In order to change the contact information in a domain name, you need to:
1. Send us a request to from the email you indicated in your contact information. Your email should contain the information that needs to be changed and the new information;
2. After some time, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the new contact details of the domain. Follow the link in the email to confirm the changes.

Email Verification

Domains, mailboxes
Since January 2014, ICANN, the organization that sets the rules for registering Internet domain names, has introduced new rules for generic top-level domains, such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc.
According to these rules, any registered domain requires verification of contact information.

Verification is carried out in two possible ways:
1) Upon initial registration of a domain name;
2) When changing contact information in a domain, such as the name of the owner of the domain, name of the organization, registration email.

In both cases, an email will be sent to your email address specified during domain registration with a request to confirm the email (during the initial registration of the domain), or the validity of the changed contact information (when changing the name of the domain owner, name of organization or registration email).

The Auth (authorization) code

Domains, mailboxes
To get the authorization (Auth) code you should contact your current domain/hosting provider.
This code may also be called an “EPP code” or “transfer key.”
You might find this code in your current provider’s settings, or you could request them the code via email. Basically, it may need a day or two to generate this code, so we recommend requesting it right away after you unlocked your domain.
This code should be used during the transfer process to provide that you're the owner of the website.