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Cloud or On-Premises

Cloud 網站 IP1, IP2, ... Cloud White Label 您的商標 發佈 95% HTML / 5% PHP On-Premises 網站 IP1, IP2, ... White Label 您的商標 發佈 95% HTML / 5% PHP


All published websites 100% are located in Hosting Provider's data center.

  • builder plugin should be installed on hosting control panel by using Plugin installation documentation.
    This action adds button with your icon and title (white-label option) for your end customers (see how plugin works in more details).
  • To have the builder 100% located in your data center, builder should be installed on your server by using Builder installation documentation.
  • After installation, end customer access the website builder by clicking the builder icon on your hosting control panel.
  • After pressing "Publish" button by your client, builder connects to your hosting control panel and transfers final website files to customer's WEB space (see how publication works in more details).

企業證書伺服器推薦 (On-Premises)

RAM: 2048MB
存儲 (HDD 或 SSD): 20 GB (it can vary depending on number of customers using site builder) (see how the space can be optimized).

Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS (可相容任何其他操作系統)

Apache 2.2 (或更新版本) (模組: rewrite (必須啟用從.htaccess的重寫功能), headers)
PHP 5.3.6 (或更新版本) (擴展: gd (version 2+), mysql, sqlite, pdo, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, json, curl, mbstring, iconv, openssl, xml, ionCube Loader)
MySQL 5.5 (或更新版本)
(see requirements in more details)

Published websites require PHP 5.3.6 and Apache 2.2 too.

Builder can also be run on nginx but an extra configuration is required. Please follow this documentation page for more details:主機商/文檔/Builder-installation-update/#requirements/nginx
Other combinations are also available:

  • Builder on LiteSpeed server
  • nginx proxy → Apache
  • nginx proxy → LiteSpeed

Builder can also be installed on any hosting panel on any account, e.g. cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager, etc.


1 註冊
2 為您的面板下載插件
3 配置面板插件
4 與您的客戶壹起暢享便捷建站


1 登入您的伺服器控制面板
2 點擊“建站工具”創建網站
3 創建網站並點擊“發布”
4 網站上線