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Ideal Builder para sa iyong DirectAdmin

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Plugin para sa DirectAdmin. Gabay sa Installation.

Just ilang minuto at plugin ay lilitaw sa DirectAdmin para sa iyong mga customer


  1. Open DirectAdmin server console and login as root.
  2. Execute command:
    [code will appear after you or sign up]
    You should see message "OK!"
  3. Download file [link will appear after you or sign up] to your computer.
    Important: Make sure that file name is "siteprobuilder.tar.gz". Rename it if needed.
  4. Login to DirectAdmin with admin user. It is neccessary for admin user to have username "admin".
  5. Go to "Plugin Manager" below:
    Install plugin on DirectAdmin
  6. Install downloaded file by choosing it in "File" field, typing admin password and clicking "Add Plugin" button:
    Install plugin on DirectAdmin
    And when confirmation message is displayed... you are ready to go.
    You can see appeared builder button in user's account:
    Install plugin on DirectAdmin
Make the plugin visible in a reseller package if it was not set by default.

Tungkol sa DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is the easiest to use Linux control panel. DirectAdmin has been programmed to be the fast. Succeeding in the web hosting business requires flexibility which DirectAdmin offers. Fast running and stable a graphical web-based hosting control panel designed to make administration of websites easier. DirectAdmin Mga Plugin