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We have integrated builder exclusively in our control panel because our customers love their interface, functionality and ease of use. team strives to address customer demand, adapt and influence the market and committed to continually enhancing website builder that our clients need to achieve their business goals.

Babar Zaman, V.P. Business Development at Hosting Controller

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Product Features

Plugin for Hosting Controller. Installation Guide.

Just few minutes and plugin appears in Hosting Controller for your customers

Managing Settings: API URL:
Username: [API Username from brand]
Password: [API Password from brand]

To manage, go to Applications >>

Prior to installing on a website, an FTP user should be created via HC10, using which will connect to your website. This FTP user must be associated with the website in HC10. The website must be a live site.

Adding FTP User

To add FTP user, click Provisioning >> Websites. Click Dashboard under Actions column. On the dashboard page, go to Website Services and then FTP Users section. To add FTP user click +Add and specify required information.

Note: The root directory should point to the root of the website rather than to the www folder or any folder within.

About Hosting Controller

HC Shared Hosting Module is an exceedingly unified hosting automation control panel allowing web hosts and cloud based service providers to manage both Windows Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. A clean interface geared up for the Cloud. With a rapid expansion in the web hosting industry, provisions for multiple-platform hosting services are becoming popular by the day. It is generally seen that what a medium, large or a growing web host desires for is a solution that can provide easy management and a concentric control to hosting servers running on Windows and Linux. Hosting Controller Plugins