How to become a successful Web Hosting Company

Best Web Hosting companies share experience in video.

Arnold Blinn
Chief Product Architect,

Think about the currency and payment instruments that customers use to buy products.
Localization is much more than product's translation.
Try things for customers and not be afraid to fail. Failure is big part of being in business.

Marc Gelabert Cordes
Chief financial officer,

Provide very fast response to tickets.
Make things simple for the customers, make domain management easy and fast without need open the ticket.

Marianna Siouti
Head of Product,

Customers want reliable, fast hosting (website at least).
Too much innovations too soon—doesn't not work.
Add more fun to your campaigns.

End user has to be guided to his need.
Pricing is very important in shared hosting and VPS.
Klaus Keppler, CEO & Founder at LiveConfig, Germany

Lina Massawe
Digital Marketing Manager,

We sell hosting packages with free domains, and this drives a lot of sales.

Parvin Husyenli
Executive Director,

Run free trial without need to pay, enable migration to your hosting service even on trial.
Marketing trick: Forward an email without a reply again, it's not spam but personal.

People need to have certainty that this is the digital brand.
Forever domain registration—permanent registrations—available for most domain names.
Rob Monster, CEO & Founder at, USA

Brett Tackaberry
Technical Director,

Measure behavior and send right message to your customer. Test, measure, test again.
There are no fails, only experience.

Marina Gubko
Product Manager,

We try to give our customers different free values: technical support by mail or phone.
Add small features that give additional value to new and current customers.

Provocative ad's helped us a lot in promotion.
Jose Emmanuel Disini, CEO at, Philipines

Max Mukhin
Head of Product,

Strange and funny marketing. Extra honesty with customers.
Company cares about every single employee, and everyone knows where the company is moving and what are the goals.

Valentinas Čirba
Product Manager, Hostens

Focus on quality. Quality renewal takes time.
Experiment, do mistakes, learn, then do your best.
Halloween promo, short 50% discount coupons work in global market.

Best marketing—a satisfied customer.
Mehdi Tazi, CEO & Founder at, Morocco

Grigori Saghyan
Chief Executive Officer,

Big fail is don't pay attention to market situation.
Good marketing trick: establish protocols to connect with large resellers.

Ali Ramos
Chief Executive Officer, Streamkairos

You should have good sales team, if you want to win the market of specific country.
Run presence there and learn how people think in that market.

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