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Plugin for Custom Panel. API for plugin.

Open Builder API request Builder API

To open builder you need to call API URL by posting JSON object with information about user, if all went successfully API will return JSON object with URL you will need to redirect client to, if error occurs API will return JSON object with error message. All request to API require HTTP Basic Authorisation. Username and password for API Authorisation can be found in your license at after you login to your account. All documentation on how to make requests to API and some request examples are below.

Download here.

for free or premium license:
for enterprise license:

HTTP Basic
<API Username from brand>
<API Password from brand>

  • String - publishing type 'external' (required)
  • String - client domain name (required)
  • String - language 2 letter code (ex. en, lt, ru, ...) to open builder in (optional)
  • String - client ftp connection username (required if type = external)
  • String - client ftp connection password (required if type = external)
  • String - client ftp public_html directory ex.: /public_html (required if type = external)
  • String - IP address of client ftp server (optional, recommended, it will be used instead of domain as host for connecting to ftp server in cases when domain DNS configuration is not ready)
  • String - hosting plan identifier, will be used for builder feature limitations by plan (optional)
  • String - URL to image to use as builder logo (if not set will be taken from license) (optional)
  • String - URL to image/icon to use as builder favicon (if not set will be taken from license) (optional)
  • String - Title to use for builder (if not set will be taken from license) (optional)
  • Boolean - Do not allow users to remove builder logo from their websites (if not set will be taken from license) (optional)
  • String - URL to place on builder logo in users website (optional)
  • String - custom identifier accessible in builder plugins (optional)
  • String - custom templates path (absolute or relative), if set then will be used for loading templates in stead of default path (optional, enterprise only since v3.7.230)

  • String - url to redirect client to (only on success)
  • Object - error description object (only on error)

POST /api/requestLogin HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

   "type": "external",
   "domain": "",
   "lang": "en",
   "username": " FTP username",
   "password": " FTP password",
   "uploadDir": "/public_html"

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

   "url": ""

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json

   "error": { "message": "some kind of error message" }