Change Log

3.7.370 2020-01-15

  • FIX: Fixed font size of Text modules sometimes changing in Popup pages on published websites
  • FIX: Fixed option "No page background" sometimes not working in "Background" dialog
  • FIX: Fixed forms sometimes not being sent on published websites when running on PHP 7.4
  • FIX: Fixed images sometimes uploaded rotated upside down

3.7.369 2020-01-06

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced cases of builder getting stuck on opening
  • FEATURE: Added support for customizing styles of Light, Dark and Bubble user interface via brand dialog

3.7.368 2019-12-30

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced failure cases when switching page in builder (which sometimes ended with error "Error loading page")
  • FEATURE: Added more available builder user interfaces in brand
  • FEATURE: Added "Name Style" option in Store Cart module
  • FEATURE: Added "System Text Style" option in Store module
  • FIX: Prevent published websites sometimes getting blocked by antivirus software
  • FIX: Fixed parameter "openPageId" usage in API for duplicated pages
  • FIX: Prevent orders being stuck in "Pending" state in Store when using Paypal payment gateway

3.7.367 2019-12-17

  • IMPROVEMENT: Check footer logo link element existence on website when restoring backup
  • FIX: Prevent elements sometimes jumping randomly on page after moving one or few elements
  • FIX: Prevent quantity number sometimes disappear in Store Cart module in published website

3.7.366 2019-12-12

  • IMPROVEMENT: Minor improvements in Store Cart module during checkout process in published websites
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed vulnerability in footer logo link deletion when it is locked
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved support of PHP 7.4 version in builder
  • FIX: Prevent texts (containing only numbers) sometimes disappearing in multilingual site
  • FIX: Fixed scrolling inside popup on some iOS devices

3.7.365 2019-12-03

  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed "Effect" plugin from builder (it is no longer supported)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added tooltip in Music Player plugin for "autoplay" option
  • FEATURE: Added "Atlantic Cruise" font to builder
  • FIX: Prevent publication sometimes ending with error "Process not found"
  • FIX: Prevent popup sometimes displaying 404 error when using in multilingual site and Landing mode
  • FIX: Removed trailing slash from URLs of Languages plugin flags in Landing mode
  • FIX: Fixed Table plugin resizing in Auto Layout mode
  • FIX: Prevent possibility to clear Cart contents during checkout in Store

3.7.364 2019-11-25

  • IMPROVEMENT: Prevent Custom HTML code being forcefully deactivated when page is loaded in builder
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced failure cases of website verification during publication
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced cases when publication returns "FTP connection error" message
  • FEATURE: Added possibility to hide button "Reset template" in builder
  • FIX: Prevent measurements showing when selecting multiple elements
  • FIX: Prevent Music player get muted with enabled option "autoplay" on Mac OS

3.7.363 2019-11-19

  • FIX: Fixed property "id" in response of builder API "website/get-pages" method
  • FIX: Prevent case when published websites running on HTTPS protocol did not display images, CSS, JS files

3.7.362 2019-11-18

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support of different ports for published websites
  • FIX: Prevent possibility to drag box of Hidden elements outside screen bounds
  • FIX: Prevent Text plugin being focused when copying and pasting it
  • FIX: Prevent builder to sometimes slow down after grouping elements

Earlier versions are not included in public change log.