How it Works

For Hosting Providers

1 Register on
2 Download plugin for your panel
3 Configure plugin on your panel
4 Enjoy with your happy users

For hosting providers' customers

1 Login to your server Control Panel
2 Click "Site Builder" to create website
3 Build website and click "Publish"
4 Website is online
Located on hosting provider's server

System overview

You will find API in your license after registration

FreeIP1, IP2, ... CloudWebsite OwnersIP1, IP2, CloudEnterpriseWebsite OwnersIP1, IP2, ...Website OwnersFree VersionWhite LabelWhite LabelYour LogoPublishPublishPublishYour LogoHTMLHTMLHTML

Recommendations for Builder Server

RAM: 2048MB
Storage (HDD or SSD): 20GB
(This is recommended hardware requirements, depending on concurrent user count you might be OK with half or even less)

Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS (should work on any other operating system)

Apache 2.2 (or newer) (modules: rewrite (rewriting from .htaccess must be enabled), headers)
PHP 5.3.6 (or newer) (extensions: gd (version 2+), mysql, sqlite, pdo, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, json, mcrypt, curl, mbstring, iconv, openssl, xml; ionCube Loader)
MySQL 5.5 (or newer, might work on older ex. 5.1)
Note: Published websites require PHP 5.3.6 and Apache 2.2 too.

If you are using cPanel FTP must be enabled on port 21